Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Free Animated Purple, Yellow, Red and White Furbies

~If you live in the UK - Click on the following links in order: First, Second, Third, Fourth
~If you don't live in the UK - Follow the following steps:
1). Go to a UK proxy such as:
webypass.info/ OR ccgi.goochy.plus.com/ OR proxay.co.uk/ OR justproxy.co.uk/
2). Paste the following Stardoll link into the blank URL/Address field of the proxy site:
3). Click Go or just hit Enter on your keyboard
4). Log into Stardoll
5). Paste the following link into the blank URL/Address field of the proxy site:
Don't forget to repeat this step with all of the following 3 links, when you will be redirected back to the Furby Campaign Page



6). After visiting all of the links you can then leave the proxy and go to Stardoll as usual

The Furbies should be in a Furby Bag in your suite !

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