Monday, 25 March 2013

Free Toonix Bear

First of all, it is necessary for you to obtain your User ID:
1). Click HERE and log into Stardoll
2). Click on the following link:
3). Copy your unique User ID
4). Paste the following link into the URL/Address field:
5). But instead of the '0' paste your User ID.
6). Hit Enter and wait until the page loads
7). When the page loads click the blue button that says ' Create a Toonix'

8). Now click the 'Next' button
9). A registration form should appear - Fill in the blank fields with fake information however the e-mail should have a real ending such as:
10). After the table had been filled out, click the 'Next' button and wait for a few seconds until some text appears that says 'Thanks!'
11). You can now leave the website and go to Stardoll as usual

The Bear should be in a Toonix campaign bag in your suite!


  1. I did that, but it didn't work >8(

    1. I'm sorry but if you don't try and get the product as soon as I upload the campaign could end and the item may no longer be available