Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Free Dork Diary Items in StarPlaza

*This is available for all countries*
1). Log into Stardoll 
2). Go to the following link:
3). Open up the catalog 
4). Under the 'Decor' section you should find the headphones and microphone, under the 'Beauty' section you should find the hair and earrings, and under the fashion section you will find the headband, jacket, top and trousers.
5). Alternatively you can click HERE to get all the items in your dressing room. 

The items should be in 'Dork Diaries' campaign bags in your suite!


  1. Under what name do you find this????? It makes no scene please explain properly

  2. Any of these dont work. Maybe their too old. I really want free stuff, but the links just wont work